Today's optical illusion is confusing because one animal is visible while another is hidden.

In 25 seconds, you have to find the animal in this image. Take a close look at the picture given below.

What did you discover? Is the second animal visible in the image? Is it there? Or you are facing difficulty in finding it?

This optical illusion will bend many viewers mind. If you have figured out the 2nd animal, Please share this optical illusion with your friend. If not, then move on the next slide for answer and hints.

Where is this animal? Is it on the right side of the image or the left side of the image? Is it on a tree or just behind the visible animal? 

Few seconds left! Please enlarge the image if possible and look at it carefully.

If you face difficulty in finding and want to directly know the answer, check out the next slide.

              ANSWER If you look closely at an image, the animal's body will be visible among the branches of the leafless trees.