Is it possible for you to spot a cat within a matter of minutes? The optical illusion of the day can be confusing, brainteaser and almost impossible.

This picture shows a cat hiding in a trash dump.

Playbuzz first posted a picture of an unidentified landfill site. It shows a cat crawling through piles of trash.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly where she is.

The picture of the rubbish dump shows several items, including old engines and rusty metalwork. It is difficult to spot the cat in this photo.

Is she on the right or left of the photo? Perhaps she is in the middle of the picture, I guess. Big Hint is given in the next slide. 

Bigger Clue: It may be in the middle left of the picture. Is it now visible? Are you able to find the cat? If not, don't worry, the answer is given in the next slide.

             ANSWER  The cat is hiding in the middle left of the picture. See the white circle at the bottom left.