Many dog lovers host parties for their pets ond they share their pics on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

One user on social media created an optical illusion by using the photo which was clicked by him in a party. 

This optical illusion image makes the users wonder if there are real dogs in the room for whom the party was organized in the first place. 

We believe that Sky, the dog, will easily be found by you. He is enjoying the party, but he's not in the mood to take pictures. This could be why he was hiding.

We challenge you to locate the dog in the photo given below within 13 seconds. Can you do it? 

There are many dogs in this frame. Many dog doppelgangers are present, as well as life-sized inflatables. This crowd of dogs is the hiding place for the real dog. It can be difficult to find a hiding pet, Isn't oit?

If you have not found the dog, take a second look at the image. Here's a hint. The sky is a Husky. If you directly want to know the answer, check out the next slide.

               ANSWER Look at the plant in the right corner of the image. The sky might be hiding in that area.