The picture might look normal at first glance, but we will ask you to discover the hidden word. Are you shocked? This isn't just any picture. It has a secret word. 

How is it possible for a photo of a face to contain a word? You have the power of optical illusions to answer that question.

Paul Agule's picture went viral on social media, taking the internet by storm. Finally, a Reddit user uploaded it. People were left scratching their heads.

The picture shows three faces that look identical but have the same word hidden within them. Although it may be difficult to find the word, the hidden word can not be forgotten.

Are you still unable to find the hidden word within this optical illusion image?

Have a second look at the image. We'll help you find the word if you're still having trouble. Hint is given in the next slide.

HINT: Watch the picture from the left side, starting from the nose. The letters are in lowercase, so don’t search for any capital letters. Answer is given in the next slide.

ANSWER: The word is liar. See the below given image. For Explanation, move to next slide.

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