Find the hidden trophy Challenge: The trophy is the cherry on top. The ultimate reward for your hard work and dedication is a trophy. A trophy is hidden in today's optical illusion.

Is it there? Move on to next slide if you want clues and hints. Have a close look at the below given image!

Stonegate Pub Company created the image and asked its readers to find the trophy amongst the beer pints. Did you spot it?

Different viewers and readers have different opinions. Some people said that there was no trophy in the photo

One person said, "Everyone wants to win a trophy or reward. And so do I." It's on the right side. Was he right? Try to find out.

Another stated, "The trophy lies in the middle of the image." Was he right? You can also try this guy's suggestion.

Don't worry if you can't spot the trophy in this optical illusion image. You will find hints and answer in the next slides.

The trophy looks exactly like the below given picture. Now try to find out using hint.