Optical illusions are not easy. To find the most basic of their secrets, it requires attention and skill.

We have another picture for you today that will leave you scratching your head.

HolidayGems.co.uk created this picture. It features a lot of winter stuff like sweaters and mufflers as well as woolen socks, caps, and gloves.

The challenge was to find the empty bucket within it. Are you ready to find one bucket?

You will likely feel that it is very simple to solve this mind-boggling puzzle when you first search for the bucket.

Some people solved the problem in seconds, while others took hours to find it. We are available to assist you if you don't find it.

Look at the image and start looking in the upper right corner. Check out the next slide (Answer is given there.)

            ANSWER The bucket is located in the last row. The bucket comes in a teal-green color with a pink handle.