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Viral Videos And Images: Optical Illusions That Prove Your Brain Sucks

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Optical Illusion creates things that are not true from a normal perspective.

They could be a brain teaser, visual Illusion, or a personality test. 

Optical illusion tests can give you the necessary boost to get through the day. Who doesn't enjoy a little victory every single day?

1st Optical Illusion:  The Grid Fixes Itself - Isn't It?

Hit play above and then stare at the screen. The image will change along the way and your brain will add an interesting temporary effect.

This illustrates an afterimage in which the eye's receptors are so stimulated they still feel tingling after the actual event. 

In this scenario, the eyes overcompensate by using complementary shades (i.e. the white solid and vivid transforms into black, the orange transforms into blue, and the blue transforms into more fleshy).

How Many Black Dots Can You Count?

The answer is 0 black dot. Contrary to the visual information your eyes give, there are no black dots. 

They are just white dots which appear to darken on the peripheral region of your eyes. It is a good example of a scintillating grid illusion.