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OpenAI Launched Pricing Plans For It's AI Tool DALL-E 2

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Anyone who has been waiting to get a chance to try DALL-E could soon have their chance. 

The highly effective AI tool that creates images based on the text will be available in beta to 1 million users waiting till now.

The latest version of DALL-E 2, launched in April, introduced the ability to modify existing images. 

The user can type a phrase or string of letters in DALL-E. The tool will then return an interpretation of the phrase in four pictures that range from comical to hyperreal.

Last month, the tool was accessible to a handful of thousands of people for testing purposes. 

Many people who do not have access to DALL-E were aware of the tool in June when images made using DALL-E Mini -- a smaller but less robust AI image maker based on OpenAI's device but not formally associated with it -- became viral.

For those who are waiting to be granted access to the system, here's how it'll work entering each prompt in DALL-E will cost one credit. 

Users will receive 50 credits free in their first month. Following that, they will receive 15 credits free per month. If this isn't enough, more credits are available to purchase at $15 for the equivalent of 115 credits.

OpenAI claims it's been working to reduce tool abuse which could lead to a more significant launch. 

The company claims it's taken steps such as stopping uploads of real-looking faces limiting the creation of misleading content and preventing users from creating "violent or adult political content.

OpenAI provides illustrations for books, artwork for publication, and game characters as potential ways for DALL-E users to utilize the tool. 

In addition, the users will be granted permission to use the images they create for commercial use.