Today's Optical Illusion asks you to find coconuts from the below given image. It seems easy but it's harder.

This mind-blowing illustration by Gergely Dudas, aka The Dudolf, shows three brown "coconuts" amongst dozens of bear heads.

Many of the Teddies featured in this image wear various ties. One even has a top hat. Another one is wearing a Harry Potter-inspired neck scarf.

Most of the bears in the photo are brownish, with a few white bears scattered throughout to delight the eye.

The final result is so difficult that only 1% of people can spot coconuts in 30 seconds.

Are you able to spot all the coconuts? If yes, then it's great. You should share your results and story with your friends. If not, chcek out the hints in the next slide.

HINT: The coconuts look like bears and have two dots (eyes) and one mouth. But they don't have ears like animals. You can see and verify the answer from the next slide.


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