Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. There is more than one woman in the below given image. There are four. You have to find all the hidden women in the below given pic.

This picture is created by Oleg Shupliak, a Ukrainian artist. He is an expert of optical illusion and he also creates imaginative portrait heads called Hidden Images.

Shupliak created this surrealist piece called Four Women in 2013.  First Women: It appears at first glance that a woman is talking on a telephone.

       Second Women  Nevertheless, looking at the woman's hand next to her cheek, you will notice another woman on her hands.

           Third Woman It is easy to find a third woman. The first woman's stomach has a pair of lips, and the whole image is a woman.

What about the Fourth Woman? It's very hard to find the fourth woman.

Try to find on your own or move on to next slide for answer.

Fourth Woman: The shape of the petite woman's nose, eyes, and lips on the arm might be apparent if you look closely. You need to see the side profile to identify the fourth woman. It is not easy to spot at first.