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Only Few People Can Find The Camel In This Optical Illusion - Are You One Of Them? Just Try Out!

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On its surface, the brain teaser seems to be a collection of random colours,

Similar to an abstract subway tile with the dromedary appearing not visible. 

Still, struggling to overcome the (double) bump in this illusion? Not Able to find the camel?

Have a second look before we reveal the answer. Try hard one more time.

Did you spot the camel? If yes, it's great. Learn more about this illusion from the next slide. If not, check out the answer in the next slide.

          Answer Keep the screen close to your face and gradually take it far away from your face; the camel will appear automatically. 

It's because of an autostereogram. It is "two-dimensional (2D) photographs with repeating patterns which conceal the underlying 3D (3D) image," According to Vision and Eye Health.

The website states that when you view an auto stereogram, your brain initially perceives repetitive 2D patterns from both eyes. 

This occurs because the visual itself occupies your brain's automatic attention.