Only 25% People Can Find All Differences In This New Brainteaser? Are You One Of Them?

If you are over 21 years old, you might have played at a casino before.

You might have won at a slot machine by getting the same three symbols.

 However, to win this brainteaser, you have to find the differences.

This brainteaser shows two slot machines that appear to be identical, but this is not true.

This puzzle has 10 different pieces, and only 25% can spot them all. Can you?

We can help you identify all 10 differences if you are having trouble.  Check out next slidesfor answer.

First, the cherry symbol is now in place of the lemon on the right slot. The grapes can also be changed in the same slot: the lemon replaces them.

The 7 on the left slot, which is the difference between the machines in that it's green on the right-hand one and red on its left counterpart, is another difference.

The color of the 7 on the right panel has been changed to read "big, huge, big." This panel also features a second poker chip.

A second poker chip, located just below the playing cards, has been added to the bottom panel of the second machine.

You can also see the difference in the playing cards when you change the club to a spade.

Vice versa: The spade symbol on the bottom of the left-hand machine changes to a club icon on the right-hand machine.

The left panel's heart changes from red to purple. Finally, a cherry is added to the left-hand panel of the machine.