It's your lucky day if you have the time to do a few brainteasers. Seven mind-boggling optical illusions are presented here that contain hidden symbols. These images are full of hidden faces that will prove you're among the top 1%.

Below are seven hilarious face illusions. These stunning illusions will challenge you to find hidden secrets. Do not let the stunning visuals distract from the main purpose of your genius.

1. Nat King Cole would love this one

Let's begin with a quick warmup. Take a look at this image. Do you see the famous face hidden behind the father and the son while they fish together?

2. Turquoise dreams

Let's now move to something a bit more difficult. For a brief moment, you might see the simple image of a wave breaking in the ocean. Perhaps you are looking at the boat, trying to find a hidden face.

3. Can you find the hidden faces in this purr-fect picture?

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Some lions don't roar to announce their presence. Some are majestic and quiet. Some are hard to miss.

4. Gorgeous gazebo

These geese appear almost angelic in a stunning sunset. It's easier to admire geese in oil than in the flesh. To be more precise, in the feathers. A painted goose cannot run at you like a real goose and can't honk up a storm like a real goose. This may be why the optical illusion's hidden face has such a large smile.

5. Lone wolf

The wolf on the cliff may be howling in pain, but he's not alone. Family might be closer than he thinks.

6. Are you able to spot multiple hidden faces in this picture?

What is the first thing you see when you view this optical illusion? Perhaps you see the hunter in a beautiful forest scene. If you are hungry, you may see the turkey in the middle.

7. This one could take some time This painting shows you the cars, characters, foliage, sky, and home. It's full color and character, as you can see.

Don’t be too dazzled, though.  It's worth taking the time to look at the scene. It will be amazing if you find hidden faces within minutes.