We can only see FIVE pairs of legs in this picture. The girl sitting in the middle of the couch seems completely unsupported. You have to find that missing legs in the image.

Let's look at the picture and see if you can figure it out.  We've also covered the answer of this mystery in the last slide.

The drama is caused by the five couch friends. Five women are seated on the couch with four legs, while there are only four of them. It seems that the third woman on the left has lost her legs.

People were confused when they claimed the picture didn't add up.

Another participant: "I think the first girl has her legs draped over the second girl's legs."

Another commented, "The first girl is sitting on the second girl's legs."

Are you able to solve this mystery? If yes, You have great focus and your eyes are sharp. If not, check out the ANSWER in the next slide.