We are not trying to brag, but brain teasers and riddles are something we all enjoy.

We thought we knew it all when we saw the holes in this t-shirt puzzle. But we saw was not true.

Trust us; it's not as easy as it appears. Take your time and try to find all the holes in the below given image.

Bright Side created the illustration and challenged players to identify how many holes this white tee had.

The creators claim that only 17 percent will correctly answer the question.

It looks like only two holes are visible at the top, right? Nope! There are more. Check out the hint in the next slide.

HINT: Try to See t-shirt from all the sides. Now count one more time. Move on to next slide to see and verify your answer.

ANSWER: Total holes in the t-shirt are Eight. How 8 holes? See the explanation in the next slides.

There will be at least two holes in the back to allow players to see through the t-shirt without obscuring it. This brings the total to four.

But that's not all - the riddle asks you to consider the holes in your head and arms.

After adding all of those, you will have seven.

Don't forget to check the hole at the bottom that allows you to attach the top.

It totals eight holes, which is six more than originally thought. Whoops.