Today's optical illusion image challenges you to identify the tallest person among the three.

Please look at the photo below carefully and take your time to solve the challenge.

When the test was carried out, 90% of participants answered incorrectly.  Hints and answer are given in the last slide.

The brain forced them to see three gunmen standing prepared, in observation mode. 

Which of the three men is the tallest? The Last One Do you agree? If not, then Which one is the tallest?

The optical illusion here causes your brain to believe that the first man is a dwarf, while the second man is a little taller and the third is the tallest. Are we right? But it's not true.

All men are equal in height. Hint and answer is given in the next slide.

Just take a look at the background. The lines running there shrink towards the right-most side giving it an illusive effect.