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Only 1 Out Of 1000 Can Find A Frog In This Optical Illusion In 6 Seconds - Can You?

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This mind-boggling puzzle has left the internet toad-tally confused. But can you spot it among the leaves?

Gergely Dudas, also known by Dudolf in Hungary, is well-known for his Where's Wally-esque doodles. His latest one is no exception.

Over millions of people have tried to spot the frog before now. But only few found it within 6 seconds. Can you find it?

It was a difficult one, according to many. Danielle Snowhill wrote on Facebook: "This was probably my hardest, but I found him!"

Justina Nagle said: "This was my most challenging yet. They are usually easy to find, but this one was difficult.

"Took forever and had to make my screen larger on my phone... but finally I found it... now I have headaches.

Answer: See the red circle in the below given image.