Today's Optical Illusion You have to spot the hidden things available in this hot pink circle.

This optical illusion was shared by pasillusion that may make you question your eyesight. 

The TikTok trickster claims to possess a secret image hidden in plain sight.

It looks like a bubblegum pink square with an inside circle of darker pink -- but the user claims that there is a hidden image within the circle, which only 1% can see.

Can YOU See the Hidden Image? If yes, Please share this story with your friends and tell them to try it. If you aren't able to discover, checkout the next slides (hints are given).

The participants claimed to have seen a variety of objects, including a bed, a boat, a smile, and a boat. 

However, many users also claimed that It is blank like creators brain. 

Is it a Cake? a Laptop? a suitcase? We don't know the answer but by seeing it carefully, it seems to be a Cake.