Is it possible to spot the familiar face on this black-and-white grid?

Although it's hard to see, a celeb's picture is hidden between the dots of the brain-freezing optical illusion.

Several tricks can help you see the star obscured. These include shaking the device or standing at an angle.

Staring at the grid and moving away from your phone/PC is the most effective.

If you still have questions, here is a hint: They are a late singer many consider the greatest pop star of all time.

Michael Jackson is the answer. Look at the image and see the solution: Michael Jackson should appear more easily.

This is a fresh take on the Magic Eye illusions that used lines or swirls of dots to conceal a 3D image.

Fiona Macpherson from the University of Glasgow, an expert in the Illusion Index, explained why moving closer to the image makes the hidden character more apparent.

The spatial frequency of an image is determined by how close it is to you and how far away it is from you.

What you see are the results of huge amounts of neural computation mixed with a little guesswork.

In summary, the farther away the image is from you, the more lines of black and white fall on your light-sensitive eye.