This below given image clearly shows a triangle. You may also know that their are multiple triangles in it. But how many? That's what today's optical illusion is all about

Are you among the 1% who can correctly identify how many triangles are there? Let's see

What number of triangles are there in the image? Take your time and try to find it.

This image will show you more triangles every time you look at it.

It is easy to see the large primary triangle and some smaller triangles, but it is not difficult to identify other shapes in the main triangle.

We won't reveal the answer immediately, so you can take your time and consider it. However, we've also shared answers and hints in the upcoming slides.

HINT: To find the answer, you’ll need to remember that you can compose triangles out of the smaller shapes and they don’t all need to be equilateral triangles, either. Answer is given in the next slide.

The correct number of triangles in the image is eighteen. How 18? Check out next slide for trick

If you know the answer but you’re still struggling to count them all, treat the lines in the image as a grid and construct triangles of varying sizes row by row and column by column. This should help you see all 18 triangles.