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OnePlus Replies To 10T's Durability Test Failure

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In the last week, YouTuber Zack from Jerry Rig Everything put the OnePlus 10T through his durability test to determine if it could perform more than the OnePlus 10 Pro,

which snapped during the bend tests. The answer is no, and it eventually was able to snap in the exact location that it did with the 10 Pro when pressure was applied. 

The 10T's design has raised questions about 10T's strength and durability. OnePlus has announced to address these concerns.

OnePlus stated, "The OnePlus 10T meets or surpasses all of OnePlus extensive durability testing procedures. 

This includes tests of pressure wherein devices are suspended, and the weight is applied to its centre on its back and front.

The OnePlus 10T features an upgraded structure engineering design that can withstand over 45kg of external force during this test in OnePlus Lab."

"When designing and making OnePlus gadgets, we make sure that they don't just offer designs that are beautiful and effortless, but they are also robust enough to endure daily use."