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OnePlus 10T Camera Specifications Revealed Before The Launch

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OnePlus 10T Camera Specifications Revealed Before The Launch

OnePlus is scheduled to launch its next phone, that is, it's called the OnePlus 10T, on August 3. We've also added some camera pics of the OnePlus 10T that are leaked before the launch.

However, it appears that the company isn't willing to hold off for too long and revealed the camera configuration of the 10T in a forum discussion forum. There are some camera models too.

To begin with, the 10T will not include its Hasselblad Camera for Mobile as it's not OnePlus's top flagship.  

The 10T is designed to be an all-purpose device at a more affordable price.

However, the phone will have a professional camera setup, with Sony's 50MP camera IMX766 and 1/1.56" sensors at the control. 

The camera will have optically stabilized and will be able to create 10-bit color depth images.

An ultrawide camera controls its main camera with a 119-degree field of vision and an exclusive macro camera. 

If you would speculate, it's the same old ultrawide 8MP camera, but with the macro camera that has 2MP.

OnePlus also features enhanced features such as Image Clarity Engine for faster image stacking, Nightscape, TurboRAW, and HDR 5.0.