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Ohio Teacher Quits His Job After 6 Years To Join Walmart As It Pays $12,000 More

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Seth Goshorn did not expect his post about a new job at Walmart would go viral. But that's precisely what happened.

A TikTok video was posted by the Ohioan at 28 years old earlier this month. He said he would quit his teaching job and instead work at Walmart.

He wrote, "Leaving teaching after six years to become a Walmart manager and make more without using my degree." The clip shows him in one Walmart uniform while holding another.

Goshorn is passionate about teaching but revealed to Good Morning America that he switched jobs because of the money.

He said, "It was a lot better than I think people are used to and what people would expect," he said.

According to GMA, he had been in education for six years. He started as a tutor in reading and then became a teacher in second grade. 

He earned $43,000 last year teaching in Ohio's Stark County. He said he would make $55,000 yearly as a stocking two coach at Walmart Massillon, Ohio. 

His job change revealed a dark side to the teaching profession: the low pay.

He told GMA that he didn't want it to be that he was trying to discourage anyone from becoming a teacher. "That is not true. "I just want my teacher friends paid the right amount."

He said, "Think about how great our teachers could be if they could just teach and not have to do a second job on weekends." 

But, unfortunately, they didn't choose to do the second job, and that's what I would love to see go.