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Now You Can Talk With Meta's Latest AI Chatbot 'BlunderBot3'

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Meta's AI research labs have developed a chatbot with a new design that can use the internet to search for answers to specific queries. 

Chatbots, such as BlenderBot 3, can participate with chatter in general and respond to particular questions. 

Users can report any questionable responses to the system. 

Meta claims it has worked for years to "minimize the usage of offensive speech, slurs, and culturally offensive comments."

Meta claims that BlenderBot is equipped with all kinds of safety rails that will ensure that it won't repeat the mistakes of Microsoft. 

Meta is also releasing the source code, the training data, and smaller models. 

An example conversation with BlenderBot 3 on the web. 

"We commit to publicly making all of the data we gather during the demonstration in the hope of improving the conversational AI we use," Kurt Shuster, a researcher at Meta, helped to create BlenderBot 3.

You can now access the largest model, which has 175 billion parameters, through a form. Swipe up to see the form.