Facebook today announced that it would allow certain users to create multiple profiles as part of a test. 

This is a significant shift in Meta's search for ways to encourage users to stay on the platform amid increasing competition from other platforms.

Some Facebook users can create up to four additional profiles to go along with their existing account as part of the test. Additional profiles can be created for different purposes. 

One profile for friends, another for co-workers, and one for interaction with influencers and interest groups. 

The user will still be able to access their one account but can switch between profiles in a matter of seconds.

According to Leonard Lam, spokesperson for Facebook, profiles will be subject to the site's policies. Violations on one profile could affect all accounts.

To allow people to tailor their experience based on interests and relationships, it is possible to have multiple profiles linked to one Facebook account. 

Lam states that everyone who uses Facebook should continue to adhere to our rules.

Lam states that users who create additional profiles will not need to use their real identities for their display names, provided the stand-in does not violate the platform's policies or include special characters or numbers.

Facebook's requirement that account holders use the same name as in real life has been controversial for years. This led to legal action in Germany.

Facebook's decision to stop creating a single profile is part of its fight to retain users, particularly young people, as existential threats such as TikTok grow. In the fourth quarter of 2021, the company lost daily users for the first time.

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