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Nothing Rolls Out Update: Better UI, Charging Improvements And Other Big Fixes

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Version 1.1.2 of Nothing OS (1) is now available for the Phone (1). This minor update brings some valuable improvements to your Phone.

The always-on display feature will now have the custom schedule ON by default. However, this will mean the feature will automatically shut down at night. 

The user can manually change this, but it is no longer the default behaviour.

The update also included an option to have the fingerprint icon show up when the display is off, or you move the Phone slightly. 

Unfortunately, this option did nothing on our test unit; however, After the update, the fingerprint sensor seems to work a little faster.

It also promises to improve charging performance, compatibility with third-party chargers, and other features. 

The Phone was able to charge faster, and the compatibility with third-party chargers was not confirmed. However, it worked well with all chargers that we tested.

The update also addresses Bluetooth codec issues. Unfortunately, we did not experience this issue, so we cannot confirm that anything has changed.

This update claims to have improved minor UI details and introduced bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Unfortunately, many of the issues with the Phone are still unresolved. For example, we still have the audio quality issues raised in our review. 

In addition, face unlock is very unreliable and shows no improvement. Despite this, the Phone is stable and receives frequent updates.