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Nothing Phone 1 Is A Fraud From Nothing Brand?

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The Nothing Phone (1) was advertised initially as capable of reaching maximum brightness of 1,200nits. 

The Nothing Phone (1) is unable to reach 1,200 nits. It's not possible right now. 

ComputerBase, a German publication, revealed that the test results failed to reach the advertised brightness level in a report.

This is because, while the display hardware is capable of reaching that level, the software currently prevents it from exceeding 700 nits. 

See the statement sent to us by a spokesperson for Nothing:

The hardware is capable of reaching up to 1,200 nits peak brightness, but this is currently capped by the software to 700 nits. 

This decision was made to ensure a balanced user experience regarding heat and battery consumption. 

We look forward to hearing from our users about this. WTF is this? Isn't this is a fraud?

Nothing's marketing, hardware, and software teams didn't communicate well about this matter. 

The 1,200 nit figure is visible in all marketing documents. That number is correct, provided the panel can go that far.