Nothing Phone 1 Becomes Bestseller And Crosses 100k Sales In India

The launch partner Flipkart has seen the Nothing Phone (1) reach strong sales figures in India within two months. 

These numbers are awe-inspiring for a new player in a highly competitive market like India. 

Exclusively speaking to reporters, Manu Sharma, Vice President and General Manager of Nothing India, stated that

Nothing Phone (1) has more than 100k customers in India as of August. 

In just 20 days, Flipkart sold more than 100k units. 

Sharma stated that the Nothing Phone (1) is the most popular smartphone on Flipkart in the INR 30,000+ price range.

Customers were very optimistic about the phone, and more than 10 million opted to notify their friends about its launch on Flipkart before it was even launched.