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Nothing Brand Will Launch Nothing Phone (1) Lite Very Soon

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You might have been convinced by Nothing's bracket-loving naming scheme that the company's next smartphone would be the Nothing Phone (2).. But, no, it's not.

However, according to a new rumor, the Nothing Phone (1) will get a "lite" version before it has a successor.

It would be the exact same device as the Nothing Phone (1) but with a plain back glass (no fancy LED Glyph Interface and no wireless charging). 

According to the same source, although the device supports 33W charging, the "lite" model will ship with a 42W charger.

Nothing has denied that such a product exists. Furthermore, the rumors continue to persist that the "lite" version of the Phone (1) will be less expensive than the Phone (1). 

This makes sense, given the two features removed. According to some reports, the new Phone's price is INR 24,999 (or EUR308) in India. 

This will be for a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variant. The current Nothing Phone (1) is priced at INR 32.999 ($417, EUR407). It comes with 8GB RAM.

Some sources also mentioned the possibility of a larger 5,000mAh battery in this handset. 

The thicker cell would presumably take up the space left by the LEDs and wireless charging coils in the original Nothing Phone (1).

Don't take this information too seriously, as it is not yet confirmed. But what do you think? 

It would be a great idea to eliminate the wireless charging feature and fancy LEDs at the back and instead focus on making the device more affordable.