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Samsung Display To Provide Majority Of iPhone Screens

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According to Ross Young from DSCC (Display Supply Chain Consultants), Samsung Display is again dominating panel sales for iPhones.

According to internal data, Apple procured 82% of its panels from Samsung, 

12% from Korean firm LG Display and the other 6% came from BOE, the Chinese BOE.

As per the report, the iPhone 14 Pro Max units will only have Samsung panels from the start. 

It appears that LG is having trouble keeping up with demands and is facing "technical issues" and is expected to begin with screens as early as September.

The Chinese manufacturer BOE is on the opposite side - it's capable of producing large quantities. 

Still, Apple has limited purchases to only those in the iPhone 14 series, with no Pro on the horizon.

Samsung's share is comparable to earlier versions of the iPhone 13 series, offering 83% of the panels

Apple plans to sell at least 34 million units in the initial quarter of iPhone 14's sales.