United States: No More AI Chips For China

Reuters reports that Biden’s administration is preparing a new list of sanctions to stop 

The export of sub-14nm semiconductors that have AI capabilities and chipmaking tools.

Already, the Commerce Department has sent letters to large companies in the industry that work with China

Or provide chips to China-based businesses. Nvidia AMD, and Intel are some of these companies.

While the companies have acknowledged receiving the letters, most officials avoid commenting. 

This is because many believe the Chinese market will not allow access to US-based companies that use such chips. 

These companies include Dell, HP, and Super Micro Computer.

This could spell trouble for China, as despite all its technological advances and production capabilities, 

Not one Chinese company has the know-how or tools to make modern chips on a large scale. 

The USA, South Korea, and Taiwan dominate this industry. This ban could be a chokepoint for China.