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New Map Revealed The Water On Mars

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Two Mars orbiters collected data to develop a comprehensive global map of minerals on Mars that pinpoints the locations where water could have circulated across Mars. 

"I believe that we've collectively simplified Mars," planetary scientist John Carter from the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale in Paris and the lead author of a study released in Icarus In an announcement.

The observations from the European Space agency's Mars Express orbiter and NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter allowed researchers to build the map;

the process took more than a decade, according to the ESA. Before this research, researchers had no idea of around 1,000 rocks on Mars with minerals that have been hydrated. 

The new map shows many thousands of these outcrops. "This study has proven that when you study the terrain of the past in depth, the absence of these minerals is the most bizarre thing," said Carter.

The new study's findings indicate that water significantly impacted Mars's geology over all its existence spans. 

New Map Revealed  Water On Mars