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Netflix’s Most Expensive Movie 'The Gray Man' Is Turning Into A Cinematic Universe

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The Gray Man just debuted on Netflix last week; however, the streaming platform already has ambitious plans for the series as a blooming franchise. 

This morning, Netflix revealed a sequel to the movie and a spinoff, immediately making The Gray Man into Netflix's next cinematic universe. 

Netflix claims that the company plans to transform it into "a major spy-film franchise."

Netflix proclaims that its untitled sequel is being developed and that it will feature Ryan Gosling, and directors Joe and Anthony Russo are all set to make a return with writer Stephen McFeely. 

The company hasn't announced the date it will premiere. For the spinoff, Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, well-known as the directors of Deadpool, will serve as the writers. 

The source tells Netflix "the script is kept secret" at the moment.

"The reactions of the public for The Gray Man has been amazing," the Russos said in an announcement. 

"We are so grateful for the excitement that fans from all over the globe have shown for the film. 

With the many fantastic characters, We had always planned to have Gray Man be Gray Man to be part of an expanded universe. 

We're delighted to discover that Netflix will announce the possibility of a sequel featuring Ryan and an additional script we're looking forward to discussing"soon."

It's not the first time Netflix has attempted to create its blockbuster franchise. 

Netflix has already acquired two sequels of Rian Johnson's Knives Out and similarly commissioned spinoffs and sequels to Zack Snyder's zombie flick Army of the Dead. 

Because Netflix invested $200 million on its initial Gray Man, it's no surprise that it's aiming to make it larger than just a single film.