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Netflix Launched Additional Home Feature - See All The Features And Pricing Plans

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Netflix is currently testing a novel method to combat the issue of sharing passwords across Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic (as reported first by Bloomberg). 

A Support website on behalf of Netflix in Honduras explicitly states that the test will force the users to shell out an additional cost when they access their account with a TV or TV-connected device in their home for more than two weeks. 

Each additional residence will cost 219 pesos a month for a home within Argentina ($1.17 US) and $2.99 anywhere else.

The support page explains the process: Add an extra home Beginning August 22, 2022, when you sign in to Netflix on a TV outside of your home, you will see the option to add the extra home for an additional fee per month.

If you will only be using this TV for a limited time, you can watch Netflix for up to 2 weeks at no extra charge as long your account has not been previously used in that location. After that time, the TV will be blocked unless you add the extra home.

The support pages give more details on how Netflix determines a "home," defined as "a physical location, such as your home where you are able to access your Netflix on all of your devices is."

How Netflix detects homes We use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity.

If you are using a device within your included home and still see a message that says that too many homes are using your account, you can:

Make sure that the device is connected to the same internet connection as the other devices in the home.

Make sure that the device is not connected to a VPN, proxy, or any unblocker service.