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Netflix Ad-Supported Plans Will Also Have Some Free Movies To Watch

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In its cheaper subscription plans, Netflix's new ad-supported tier may not show any commercials for all content.

Bloomberg reports that Netflix might cut the commercials for more unique original films and certain shows for children.

Bloomberg reports that Netflix will not allow ads to be shown during original movies' first release but may instead insert ads at a later time.

Although it's too early to know how long Netflix will air a newer film without ads, 

Bloomberg noted that this might alleviate some filmmakers' concerns about ads affecting their work.

According to reports, Netflix's original children's programming will also get the ad-free treatment -- similar to Disney Plus' upcoming ad-supported tier. 

Bloomberg points out that some studios may not allow Netflix to show ads during shows or movies they have licensed. 

However, Netflix could circumvent this by showing ads before or after the program.