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NASA Warns: Terrifying Asteroid Coming Towards Earth Tomorrow

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NASA has announced that a giant asteroid measuring 260 feet wide will fly over the Earth next week, on September 5.

NASA is keeping a watch on all the asteroids that are coming up and could be a threat to Earth.

Based on NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, this scary Near-Earth object has now been named Asteroid 2022RW, which is believed to measure as large as 260 feet (79 millimeters).

According to the most recent report, the asteroid will be closest to the Earth at 6.98 million miles. 

It is expected to travel at an incredible speed of 11.20 km/sec. Is this asteroid going to strike us? 

Do you think it poses a danger to Earth? Let us know what NASA experts have to say.

According to NASA experts: As you look at the enormous dimensions of the asteroid, it is likely to cause massive damage if it impacts the Earth. 

However, it's only possible if it diverges from its orbital trajectory, which is not very likely.

Furthermore, the good news is that the close-approach distance between the spacecraft and Earth isn't too far.

However, NASA will continue monitoring it if it deviates from its trajectory.