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NASA To Crash Its Dart Spacecraft Into Asteroid On This Date

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The Double Asteroid Redirection Test, which travels in the darkness of space, is set to meet its target on September 26th. 

Engineers will deliberately crash it into an asteroid to test a new technology that could be used if an asteroid is heading towards Earth.

The spacecraft aims to break the Didymos system, which comprises a pair of asteroids.

Dart will crash in the following location: The probe will be orbiting Dimorphos (a moonlet measuring approximately 160 meters in size) and Didymos (780 meters in circumference).

Joe Montani of Spacewatch Project at Arizona discovered this asteroid in 1996.

What is the DART spacecraft? The DART mission, launched in November 2021, will be the first space probe to demonstrate the effects of a kinetic impactor on asteroid deflection. 

The probe will hit the asteroid at nearly 24,000 km per hour, hoping to slow it down slightly and change its course.