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NASA Scientists Says Astronauts Should Not Masturb*te In Space

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Astronauts are warned against mastur**ting while in space due to fears that female astronauts could get impregnated by stray fluids.

There are strict rules regarding "alone-time" aboard the vessel with zero gravity. 

Scientists have warned that even the smallest drop of rouge could cause confusion on the board.

Conan O'Brien waded into the awkward subject while interviewing the NASA engineer, who asked whether he had ever sent p**n to the International Space Station.

"No, none of that," the scientist Smythe told him. "Does p**n work in zero gravity? It goes everywhere." Conan probed.

"Three female astronauts may be infected by the same man during the same session ... the process can find its way to the other," the scientist added.

Mastur**tion and se**al arousal in space can be an administrative problem, with issues ranging in size from floating fluids to shrinking men's tor**s, according to the astronomer Dr John Millis.

He compared s*x in space to having interc**rse while "skydiving" but added that it was "not impossible".

Perhaps cosmonauts were thinking of this in their heads when Kremlin scientists from the sp*rm lab came to visit.