According to NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Twitter account, Mars is not home to any human beings, but at least one piece has been found on the Red Planet.

NASA made another significant leap in space exploration and science when Perseverance, four other rovers, landed on Mars last year. 

NASA tweeted that their team had discovered something unusual in the form of a thermal blanket.

NASA believes the thermal blanket may have fallen off Perseverance's descent stage during its landing in 2021. 

NASA was surprised to find the thermal blanket used to regulate temperatures. Why? It was found against a rock about two kilometers from where the new rover had descended.

NASA also removed the curtain to reveal the rover's pre-launch with its "spacecraft dressmakers," who dressed the rover in thermal blankets.

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NASA's Mars exploration has resulted in some amazing discoveries. Perseverance was the first rover to land with a microphone last year, allowing for numerous audio and video recordings of the planet's surface. 

Many of NASA's rovers make the long trip to the Red Planet with an assortment of artistic Easter eggs, from practical to humorous.