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NASA Posts New Image Of A Fast-flying Star Ejected By A Supernova

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NASA published a new image of the moving star Zeta Ophiuchi, combining an infrared image of the bright object with X-ray information.

This latest image can help our eyes to understand Zeta Ophiuchi's wild tale.

The shock wave in red, the filaments of former star material in green, and the background stars are visible. 

This stunning view of Spitzer now contains X-ray data from a different primary NASA spacecraft, the Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Zeta Ophiuchi is bombarded here by its shock wave, warming it to astonishing temperatures.

Astronomers believe that the shock waves cause the gas surrounding the star to increase to thousands of millions of degrees.

At present, scientists and ordinary citizens can view Zeta Ophiuchi's excitement at 440 light years away.