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NASA: Now You Can Hear What Your Voice Would Sound Like On Mars

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NASA created a program to convert voice into "Martian" using data from the Perseverance Rover and other data.

What is the secret to it? How does it work?

This service allows you to hear how your voice sounds on the Red Planet.

You will need to record any phrase. After that, the program will perform its job and give you a recording of a changed voice.

This service allows you to hear your voice. Scientists warn that you shouldn't expect dramatic changes. 

You will hear a muted, quieter version of what you heard on Earth. 

It's comforting knowing that you can still sound exactly like yourself if you are on Mars. 

NASA pointed out that on Mars is almost impossible to hear some sounds, like whistling and birdsong, which we are used to hearing on Earth.

They are not the same as what we know on Earth. It's fascinating to feel you're on another planet, which we must agree with.

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