NASA Mars Rover Spots Spaghetti-Like Object

I checked and found no Italian restaurants on Mars. This is the explanation for an unusual object NASA's Perseverance Rover photographed on Tuesday. 

It's not spaghetti. It is not a sea creature or a hairball. It looks like a knot of string or shredded material clinging together.

This image is from one of the front-facing cameras for hazard avoidance that monitor the landscape and protect Percy. At the same time, it drives or uses its robotic arm.

Most likely, the debris from the mission is the reason for the mess. 

Perseverance has seen landing equipment leftovers from far and near. The rover noticed a piece of thermal blanket against a rock back in June.

It was quite an event when the rover arrived on Mars in February 2021. The descent stage safely brought the wheeled laboratory to Mars' surface. 

It then skedaddled off to crash from a distance. Percy could see the impact and how gear could have spread over a large area.

This is a wider view of the object, showing it with the robot arm's end and one of its wheels. The rock that the rover is studying is an important site for sample collection. 

Perseverance is found in the Jezero Crater, where it explores a former river Delta. This place is a great spot to search for signs of ancient microbes.

Contact has been made with NASA to get a more precise ID of the pasta-like object. Stay tuned for further updates.

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