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NASA: James Webb Space Telescope Spots Rings Around Jupiter - See All Pics

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NASA's $10 Billion telescope has captured stunning images of distant galaxies, star clusters, and other objects.

The James Webb Telescope captured a fantastic photo of Jupiter, complete with auroras and faint rings. 

NASA blogs state that Jupiter is currently experiencing a large number of powerful winds and giant storms. 

Scientists will be able to examine the inner workings of Jupiter with this image.

Imke de Pater (planetary astronomer and professor emerita at the University of California, Berkeley) said, "We didn't really expect it to be so good."

Incredibly, details of Jupiter can be seen in the same image as its rings, small satellites and galaxies. 

Images Of Jupiter Rings Via James Webb

Judy Schmidt, a citizen scientist from Modesto in California, discovered the stunning appearance of Jupiter. She used data from the JWST.

These images are even more remarkable because Judy Schmidt has no formal astronomical education.