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NASA's Aquanaut: A New Deep Sea Diving Robot (See Pics, Video And Learn More About This Humanoid Robot)

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Nauticus Robotics and NASA have developed Aquanaut, an autonomous submarine. 

It can transform into a humanoid robot (the upper half) to service underwater oil-and-gas rigs.

Let's dip with Aquanaut in the vast swimming pool NASA uses to train astronauts for microgravity.

Features Of Aquanaut Aquanaut, the Nauticus' signature robot with its bright orange coloration and the fully-electric trait, is easily seen.

Aquanaut opens its shell and flips up to expose its sensors and cameras. Two arms extend out and can be attached to claw hands with different tools.

Aquanaut is multifaceted and can perform a variety of tasks underwater. 

Video Of Aquanaut

Pics Of Aquanaut

Nauticus had already produced two Aquanauts in early 2022 and plans to produce 20 more over the next three years.