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Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Award: What Is The Order Of Propitious Clouds?

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Nancy Pelosi was awarded Taiwan's highest civilian rank during a visit that has led to escalating military tensions between China and Taiwan.

Tsai-Ing-wen, Taiwan's president, presented Pelosi, US House speaker, with an Order of Propitious Clouds and Special Grand Cordon.

He draped the blue sash across the Speaker during a meeting broadcast from the presidential palace on Wednesday. 

Tsai stated that it "represented their [Taiwan's] gratitude towards Pelosi, and the desire to continue moving forwards with US-Taiwan relations via more cooperation.

It is so vital that Pelosi received the award (Some politicians and leaders praise this movement).

Pelosi, upon receiving the award, posted on Twitter that the award was "a symbol of America's strong friendship and enduring love." Hsu, a researcher at Australia's Lowy Institute, stated that he believed it showed the support of Pelosi for Taiwan, Hong Kong and Tibet.

Credits: The Recount