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Monkeypox Patient’s Nose Is Rotting After Being Dismissed As Sunburn

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After a reddening of his nose, the 40-year-old German patient visited his doctor. The man was then sent home as it was believed to be from sunburn. 

However, the nose part began to darken over the next few days. According to the medical journal Infection,

The man also discovered pus-filled sores throughout his body. These were especially severe around his pe*is.

The men was given antivirals to fight monkeypox. He was also tested for se*ually transmitted diseases while at the hospital. 

This revealed that he had undiagnosed HIV and syphilis. His syphilis went undiagnosed for so long that it had spread to other organs.

Tests later confirmed that he had HIV. The antiviral medication was sufficient to dry out the sores in his monkeypox case. 

Still, it only partially improved his nose by reducing swelling.