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Monarch butterflies listed as endangered after population decline

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The Monarch butterfly, beloved worldwide by everyone and is a North American icon, is currently on the list of threatened species.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared in a press release that butterflies are about to fall due to the rising temperature and the loss of their natural habitat.

A study shows that the Monarch butterflies' population decreased around 70% in the last ten years.

"A particular group of butterflies living in the Western United States has declined by almost 99.9 percent," said IUCN.

Dr. Sean T O'Brien, President and CEO of Nature Serve explained that a lot was required to ensure the species' survival.

In the wake of the discovery of a new hole within the Ozone layer, many other creatures and butterflies have been affected by climate change.

For more information on monarch butterflies and how Iowans can help rebuild monarchs' milkweed habitat, visit the Iowa Monarch Conservation Consortium website.