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Mind-Shocking Optical Illusion Reveals That You Cannot Trust Your Brain With Directions

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A thought-provoking optical illusion has left thousands of users on social media pondering their minds.

Many optical illusions confuse the brain with the help of motion and color.

In the clip, viewers see two circles with bright, flashing edges. Skip few slides to watch video.

Within the circles are tiny grey arrows that can change directions.

If you look at the circles, it will appear they are moving upwards and down or away from each other.

Let's see the video first (in the next slide) and then we'll understand what and how behind this optical illusion.

Are the circles or arrows moving? 

"The circles aren't moving, nor are they expanding or shirking."

"You are able to test this yourself by covering one edges of the circle using your fingers and observe that it's not moving around."

The optical illusion tricks the brain into believing that motion is happening through contrast shades.

Since our brain interprets changes by light in the form of a shift of motion, it appears like the circles are shifting their positions.

In reality, however, they are remaining completely stationary.

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