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Microsoft Will Keep Call Of Duty On PlayStation For Several More Years

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Microsoft has committed to keeping Call of Duty available on PlayStation for "several more years"

Following the current marketing contract signed between Sony and Activision expires -- as long as its purchase of Activision Blizzard succeeds.

Microsoft gaming director Phil Spencer made the promise in writing to PlayStation President and chief executive Jim Ryan earlier this year.

Spencer confirmed the promise in a statement sent to reporters: "In January, we offered a written agreement to Sony 

To provide Call of Duty on PlayStation with the same content and features, for at least a few more years beyond what is currently in the Sony contract. 

This offer is far more than regular contracts in the gaming sector. 

However, in response to the concern of the U.K.'s competition regulator this week, Spencer made it clear at the very first opportunity that

Call of Duty games will be available to gamers on the Xbox subscriber service called Game Pass. Suppose they're not available on other products such as PlayStation Plus

In that case, this could be a significant difference for Microsoft in its quest to expand the idea of game platforms to include more than the gaming hardware used within the home.