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Microsoft Is Testing A Family Plan For Xbox Game Pass

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After months of speculation, Microsoft is starting to test the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate family plan out in the wild. 

Xbox Insiders living in Colombia and Ireland can test out the latest plan that allows them to join up to four additional users to their plan, provided they're in the same region. 

They'll have access to all advantages from Game Pass Ultimate, including hundreds of games for PC, console or cloud games.

If you're located in one of the countries, you can purchase the Xbox Game Pass - Insider Preview plan at Microsoft Store. 

Suppose you're already an existing Game Pass member. In that case, the remaining time of your subscription can be converted to its value in dollars. 

The month you have on Game Pass Ultimate is worth 18 days on Family Plan. 

This suggests that the family plan could cost approximately $25 per month if Microsoft makes it available to the US, which is $5 per user.

You'll have to wait until your membership is about to run out before you can switch to a new plan. 

Anyone you wish to invite to a family plan will be required to remove an already-existing Game Pass subscription or wait for it to expire. 

Or, they could start a brand new Microsoft account. It's important to note that those on the Xbox All Access plan aren't qualified.

A family-friendly plan makes sense for Microsoft and has put Game Pass at the heart of the Xbox business.